ReflecTech®PLUS mirror film uses pure silver to provide high specular reflectance and multiple layers of polymer films to protect against ultraviolet (UV) radiation and moisture.

ReflecTech®PLUS mirror film has a pressure sensitive adhesive for application to smooth surfaces. A peel-off release liner covers the adhesive until application, and a peel-off mask protects the mirror surface during processing and installation.


ReflecTech® film is applied to a structural substrate such as aluminum sheet by a pressure (roll) laminator (watch lamination video). Aluminum edge tape must be used to seal all edges and seams of the laminated reflector. Details are available in the User Guide.


Specular Reflectance ¹
Solar-Weighted Hemisperical Reflectance ²
Nominal Thickness
4 mils
0.10 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature
140°F (60°C)

(1) At 1.4° acceptance angle measured with a D&S Specular Reflectometer
(2) Integrated over an air mass 1.5 direct normal solar spectrum